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Bi-Level Ventilators

VS Integra™

Pressure support ventilator from the VS EasyFit™ range.

Combines pressure modes with leakage or valve ventilation for patients with chronic or acute pathology.

To be used with a single patient circuit only.


2.6kg (5.7lb) - without optional internal battery.



135mm x 285mm x 204mm (5.3" x 11.2" x 8.0").

Four ventilation modes:

  • Two leakage ventilation modes
    • S / ST: Spontaneous ventilation, with or without back-up frequency
    • (A)PC: (Assisted) Pressure Controlled ventilation

  • Two ventilation modes with exhalation valve
    • PSV: Pressure Support Ventilation with or without back-up frequency
    • (A)PCV: (Assisted) Pressure Controlled Ventilation


  • Automatic patient circuit type detection
  • Proximal pressure line
  • Automated “energy transfer” trigger functions
  • Built-in autonomy up to four hours (optional)
  • External battery pack with up to eight hours autonomy (optional)
  • Remote alarm system
  • Trend analysis software EasyDiag™
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