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M Series Defibrillator

M Series Cardiac Life Support Defibrillator

A Defibrillator for Every Application - One User Interface

ZOLL ® M Series ® defibrillatorsare a family of products to meet your clinical needs from BLS to ALS.

Products range from AED and advisory defibrillators to manual units and Critical CareTransport (CCT) units. Thanks to the consistency built into each and every defibrillator unit, you train once and use everywhere. Standardization has never been so easy. And due to a uniform operating system, moving between the M Series and the R Series is a breeze. 

Built With Patients   And  Users In Mind

  • The smallest, lightest, brightest defibrillator unit in its class makes for easy handling and optimal viewing while the built-in AC power and battery charger doesn't add size or weight.
  • The ZOLL Uniform Operating System features consistent, straightforward controls; intuitive menus lessen training costs, minimize operator confusion, and reduce the chance for error.
  • ZOLL's proprietary Rectilinear Biphasic™ low-energy waveform.
  • ZOLL's patented external Pacing offers superior capture at lower mean thresholds, reducing muscle artifact and ensuring more patient comfort and better patient tolerance.
  • Offers defibrillator event documentation via internal memory, as well as removable PCMIA cards for easy data transfer and archiving. Coupled with CodeNet ®, ZOLL's unique PDA-based data management system, the M Series communication capability makes record keeping a breeze.
  • A wide variety of defibrillator electrodes and paddles are designed to meet your every need, and pre-connection capability and common connectors help reduce stress in critical situations.
  • Now available with Real CPR Help ®.

Best-In-Class Parameters For The Options You Require

  • ZOLL's M Series defibrillator upgrades provide maximum performance and flexibility in every product with add-ons designed to perform to your exacting standards.
  • 12-Lead ECG is available in standard analog for fax transmission or digitally for real-time transition with virtually any available communication technology.
  • Pulse Oximetry for SpO 2 measurement uses Masimo SET ® signal processing technology for accurate measurements in the presence of motion, high ambient light and low perfusion and when pacing.
  • EtCO 2 features Respironics ® Novametrix End Tidal CO 2monitoring with interchangeable mainstream or sidestream sensor options to accommodate all patients.
  • Non-invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) offers single, stat, or fully automated functions for optimal patient assessment no matter the circumstances. Invasive Blood Pressure (IBP) is also available.

R Series Monitor Defibrillators

R Series Transport Bag

The First and Only Code-Ready ®  Monitor Defibrillator That is Simple, Smart, and Ready.

The R Series ® introduced Simple, Smart, and Ready defibrillation to hospitals. Two models now make code-readiness possible for every hospital department, with advanced, cost-effective solutions for resuscitation.

R Series Plus AED

R Series Plus
A new R Series AED that can be converted to a manual defibrillator with all the capability of the R Series ALS.

R Series ALS Defibrillator

R Series ALS
The first R Series defibrillator and the most advanced and sophisticated ALS defibrillator available with networking capabilities and See-Thru CPR ®.



  • Uniform Operating System between the two models
  • Shares common electrodes, cables, paddles, and batteries
  • Only one therapy cable needed for defibrillation, cardioversion and pacing – no separate 3 lead cable required. The OneStep™ Complete Resuscitation Electrode has built-in 3 leads in the pad, eliminating extra steps if the patient needs to be paced immediate after resuscitation. 


  • Real CPR Help ® to coach to the proper compression rate and depth during CPR as well as See-Thru CPR ® to minimize pauses during CPR compressions. 
  • The only defibrillator that recognizes the OneStep Pediatric electrode and automatically lowers the energy setting to 50J to prevent accidental overdose of energy. 
  • Unique pediatric algorithms that allow proper analysis of arrhythmias for younger patients. 
  • Optional monitoring capabilities include SP0 2, EtCO 2 and Non-invasive Blood Pressure. 
  • Defibrillator event documentation via internal memory, as well as a removable Compact Flash card for easy data transfer and archiving. Coupled with CodeNet ®, ZOLL's unique PDA-based code data management system, the R Series communication capability makes record keeping a breeze. WiFi enabled option available. 


  • Conducts an automated self-test once a day. No need to do a 30 J manual test; simply verify the green check mark is present during your shift check. 
  • The reliability you’ve come to count on from ZOLL Medical Corporation, using our proprietary Rectilinear Biphasic™ high-current waveform. 
  • ZOLL’s patented external pacing offers superior capture at lower mean thresholds, reducing muscle artifact and ensuring more patient comfort and better patient tolerance.


E Series Defibrillator

E_Series Emergency Defibrillation

Emergency defibrillation devices designed to withstand the crash, tumble, and bounce environment of EMS

The ZOLL E Series ® defibrillator medical devices were designed by professionals for professionals.

No other full-featured defibrillator was designed specifically for the rigors of your EMS environment. No other defibrillator offers the configurable options of the E Series. Documentation is made easy when combined with data transfer options that take the "paper" away. No other defibrillator is as rugged and ready. 

The E Series Defibrillator Offers:

  • ZOLL's Real CPR Help ® , which measures chest compressions and rate and depth in real time, and provides visual and optional audible feedback. All CPR data can be recorded and reviewed using RescueNet Code Review software.
  • See-Thru CPR ®, unique to ZOLL, which allows CPR artifact to be filtered, letting you see organized rhythms without pausing compressions.
  • New innovative roll cage design and shape.
  • EasyRead Tri-Mode Display™ screen for use in both pitch darkness or direct sunlight.
  • A new Rapid Cable Deployment™ System for faster deployment.
  • Built-in GPS clock, allowing users to synchronize dispatch, defibrillator, and intervention call times, improving overall data accuracy.

Other Important Defibrillator Features:

  • Now with integrated SpCO ®, a noninvasive Masimo Rainbow SET ® carbon monoxide measurement, the E Series allows rescuers to easily and accurately diagnose CO poisoning with the simple push of a button.
  • Plug-and-play EtCO 2 options.
  • Compatibility with ZOLL's sealed lead acid 4410 Smart Battery™ as well as rechargeable lithium ion.
  • Integrated optional Bluetooth® functionality to provide data transmission capability to a variety of destinations.
  • ZOLL's proprietary Rectilinear Biphasic™ waveform, the only biphasic waveform cleared by the FDA to claim superiority to monophasic waveforms for the conversion of ventricular fibrillation in high impedance patients.*

Electrodes and Internal Paddles

Onestep CPR Complete Adult

CPR Stat Padz Adult Mult

Propadz multi electrodes

Electrodes Optimized for Every Need

For emergency or elective use, ZOLL is the only defibrillator electrode manufacturer to offer its electrodes for specific clinical applications. The choice when time is the key to to successful resuscitation – simple, accurate, and easy to apply.

See the choices for yourself in our   Interactive Electrode Finder  and our   Electrode Reference Guide.

For the Hospital 

OneStep TM Resuscitation Electrodes

All of ZOLL's   OneStep Resuscitation Electrodes  incorporate features that speed defibrillation, ensure code-readiness, and simplify resuscitation. Choose the OneStep Resuscitation Electrode that best meets your need:  OneStep Basic, OneStep Pacing, OneStep CPR Resuscitation (anterior-anterior or anterior-posterior placement), OneStep Complete, or OneStep Pediatric.

Provides CPR Coaching: 

  • A built-in CPR sensor enables Real CPR Help ®, which coaches on proper rate and depth during CPR. After the code, simply dispose the entire electrode to avoid patient–to–patient contamination.

Ensures Code-Readiness:

  • A Code-Ready ®  connector to allow electrodes to be pre-connected to the defibrillator without opening the packaging; no need to disconnect during daily defibrillator testing–it will test right through the electrode.
  • An expiration alert enables the defibrillator to automatically issue an alert when the electrode approaches the expiration date.

Simplifies Resuscitation:

  • OneStep Pacing  integrates ECG electrodes into the anterior defibrillator electrode, eliminating the need for a separate ECG cable. 

Safe for Pediatrics:

  • OneStep Pediatric  Electrodes, when used with the R Series defibrillator, automatically lower the joules setting to 50 joules as a precaution. And when used in conjunction with the R Series, the electrode employs a unique pediatric algorithm that analyzes pediatrics as pediatrics, not as adults.

Pro-padz ®
Specialty   defibrillator electrodes  optimized for procedures in the electrophysiology lab, catheterization lab, OR, and radiology suites. ZOLL is the only electrode manufacturer that offers liquid gel as an alternative to solid gel. In addition to our general–use multifunction Pro-padz, we also offer the following:

  • Radiolucent Pro-padz provide an unobstructed view of the coronary arteries on x-rays. Available in solid and liquid gel options and in adult and pediatric sizes.
  • Liquid gel is ideal for procedures such as Cardioversion or long-term pacing; the liquid gel provides better skin coupling and less skin irritation.
  • Sterile Multi-Function Electrodes are the only multi-function defibrillator electrodes available in a unique two-pouch system that allows placement of the posterior electrode prior to surgery and is optimal for use in the operating room. Also available with 10' (3-m) lead wire

For Prehospital

CPR Stat-padz ®
Designed for use with ZOLL manual defibrillator medical devices, this electrode provides the benefits of   Real CPR Help  and   See-Thru CPR ®, which allows rescuers to see the underlying organized electrical activity during compressions to minimize interruptions.

Stat-padz ®
The fastest and easiest to use multi-function electrode, optimized for better skin coupling and to virtually eliminate dermal damage in emergency resuscitation situations.

Pedi-padz ®
The most technologically advanced pediatric multi-function defibrillator electrodes to meet all pediatric ALS criteria.

V-pak ®
Disposable pre-cordial ECG electrode system.

ECG electrodes
ECG monitoring electrodes silver/silver chloride gel.

For AEDs

CPR-D-padz ®
A unique one-piece design aids in easy placement on the chest and provides   Real CPR Help  on depth and rate during CPR chest compressions. CPR-D-padz have an extended 5-year shelf life.

Pedi-padz ®   II
Pediatric defibrillator electrodes for the AED Plus ®  deliver the appropriate pediatric energy.

CPR-D Training padz  
Non-clinical electrodes to be used with the AED Plus ®  Trainer II.

External and Internal Paddles

Autoclavable ex paddles

Autoclavable in Integrated Pad

Autoclavable in Remove Pad

Autoclavable Internal Handles with Integrated Paddles (Spoons)

  • The   integrated handle and paddle combination, reduces the need for assembly.  Available  in two styles–with or without a discharge button located on the handle.    

Autoclavable Internal Handles with Removable Paddles (Spoons)

  • Select various sizes for adult to pediatric patients.  Available  in two styles–with or without a discharge button located on the handle.    

Overmolded Electrode Paddles (Spoons)

  • Made of polished, surgical-quality stainless steel, these paddles are overmolded with durable plastic.  Various sizes available.   

Autoclavable External Paddles

  • The growing interest in minimally invasive procedures challenges conventional means for defibrillating in the OR.
  • Using electrodes is not always feasible.  
  • When paddles are required and sterility is an issue, the external paddles can be autoclaved quickly in the OR because they are made of a durable plastic that can tolerate high heat. 

AutoPulse Non-Invasive Cardiac Support Pump

AutoPulse Cardiac Life Support Pump

AutoPulse Non-Invasive Cardiac Support Pump. Consistent Compressions. No Interruptions.

For victims of  Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), only one thing is certain - chest compressions will be required. Yet, manual compressions - even when they are done well - only provide 10 - 20% of normal blood flow to the heart and 30 - 40 % to the brain. 1

Non-Invasive Cardiac Support Pump

Now, there's an alternative. The only device of its kind, the ZOLL ®AutoPulse ®  is a revolutionary   non-invasive cardiac support pumpthat moves more blood, more consistently than is possible with human hands. 2,3,4  Easy to use and battery operated, its load-distributing LifeBand ®  squeezes the entire chest. As a result, victims receive more consistent, high-quality compressions than those delivered by simple automated CPR devices, which means improved blood flow.

Minimizes No-Flow Time

AutoPulse also minimizes no-flow time. It allows rescuers to provide compressions while performing other life-saving activities, or while transporting a victim down the stairs or in the back of a moving ambulance.

Improved Blood Flow For Cardiac Arrest Victims

The   AutoPulse cardiac support pump  delivers improved blood flow without interruptions of fatigue and provides hospital caregivers better access to the patient resulting in the possibility of improved survival for cardiac arrest victims. In fact, the AutoPulse cardiac support pump has been shown to triple   survival-to-hospital discharge   5.

Ensures Clinical Safety

  • Ensures improved blood flow by squeezing the entire chest, not just pushing on a single spot like manual CPR and other mechanical devices
  • Is fast, easy and intuitive to start-up and use - it doesn't require manual adjustments because it automatically calculates the size, shape and resistance of each patient's chest
  • Functions as an "additional person"
  • Ensures clinical safety
  • Ensures rescuer safety during transport

Power Infuser Fluid Resuscitation Pump

Fluid Resuscitation

Fluid Resuscitation with the Power Infuser

At ZOLL®, we believe that products and solutions that encompass multiple facets of resuscitation, and work as a system, help improve survival rates. It is this unique perspective that makes us an innovator in the area of   fluid resuscitation.

The Power Infuser ®  is the first portable electronic infusion pump designed specifically for the management of IV fluid and blood.  Small, durable and easy to use, it is your assistant at the scene of an accident, during transport, or in the hospital.

Controlled Delivery

  Improve adherence to protocols; ensure adequate, but not excessive, hydration. 

Whether restoring intravascular volume during circulatory compromise, infusing a bolus during hemodynamic assessment, or  rapidly delivering therapeutic and clinically appropriate IV fluids, the Power Infuser allows unprecedented control of fluid administration.  Adjust flow rates from 0.2 to 6 liters per hour or activate the automated 250cc bolus feature.

Occlusion Detection

Don’t let a blown IV site or kinked line go unnoticed.

With a unique downstream occlusion sensor, the Power Infuser responds to excessive resistance in the fluid path by switching to standby and activating an alarm. Head off complications that could arise from subcutaneous fluid build-up or an interruption in fluid flow.

Patient Management

An extra hand when you need it most.

Battlefield injuries.  Mass casualty events.  Critical care transport.  Pre-hospital therapy. Provide life-saving fluid resuscitation  easily when a lack of personnel or room to elevate the bag impedes treatment. Avoid accidental infusion of air with unique membranes built into each crystalloid/colloid pump cartridge. This 12-ounce AAA-battery-powered pump helps restore order to the chaos of today’s emergency events.

Power Infuser, Model M100B-3A:

The Power Infuser ®  Model M100B-3A is a miniature pump intended for continuous or intermittent administration of therapeutic and clinically appropriate intravenous fluids, blood and packed red blood cells through clinically acceptable access points.  It is intended for use by medical, paramedical and EMT personnel in the field and in pre-hospital and hospital environments.

Crystalloid / Colloid Pump Cartridge And IV Set:

A unique cartridge with air elimination membranes that when use with the Power Infuser is intended to deliver crystalloid and colloid resuscitative fluids.  It is   not  intended to support the infusion of blood or blood products.

Blood Pump Cartridge And IV Set:

I unique cartridge that when used with the Power Infuseris intended to deliver crystalloid and colloid resuscitative fluids, whole blood and packed red blood cells at the clinically desired temperature.


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