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Regional Saturation Monitor

Cerebral / Somatic Oximetry Adult Applications

Oximetry system for cerebral and somatic monitoring of adult patients.

INVOS™ 5100C Cerebral / Somatic Oximeter

Simultaneously monitors changes in site-specific blood oxygen saturation in the brain and other body tissues beneath the sensor. INVOS™ 5100C cerebral / somatic oximeter provides real-time monitoring of site-specific blood oxygen saturation in the brain and other body tissues to help surgical and intensive care teams detect and correct ischemic problems that can lead to complications and poor outcomes. It is the only commercially available noninvasive oximeter to allow simultaneous brain and body monitoring through up to four data channels (sensors).

When used as an indication of compromised cerebral oxygenation, interventions to return the patient’s rSO2 to baseline using the INVOS™ system have been shown to improve outcomes after surgery1-3. Corrective interventions are routine, but without cerebral rSO2 data the ability to detect and optimize otherwise silent and potentially adverse perturbations would remain limited2.

Available in either two or four data channels, the user-friendly INVOS™ 5100C cerebral / somatic oximeter comes pre-calibrated and ready to use in 30 seconds. The two-channel INVOS™ 5100C cerebral / somatic oximeter system comes standard with the INVOS™ 5100C cerebral / somatic oximeter, preamplifier with cable, channel 1 and 2 (model 5100C-PA), reusable sensor cable, channel 1 (model RSC-1), reusable sensor cable, channel 2 (model RSC-2), USB flash drive (model 5100C-USB), and power cord. For the four-channel INVOS™ 5100C cerebral / somatic oximeter system, the preamplifier model 5100C-PB and reusable sensor cables RSC-3 and RSC-4 must also be ordered.

The entire system is comparable in weight and size to a transport monitor, thus minimizing spatial impact to the bedside or operating room. For added convenience, the system may also be attached to a swivel arm or rolling stand for portability throughout the hospital, and comes pre-calibrated and ready to use in as little as 30 seconds.

  • Casati A, Fanelli G, Pietropaoli P, et al. Continuous monitoring of cerebral oxygen saturation in elderly patients undergoing major abdominal surgery minimizes brain exposure to potential hypoxia. Anesth Analg. 2005;101(3):740-747.
  • Murkin JM, Adams SJ, Novick RJ, et al. Monitoring brain oxygen saturation during coronary bypass surgery: a randomized, prospective study. Anesth Analg. 2007;104(1):51-58.
  • FDA 510(k) K082327.

Indications for Usage

For use in cerebral oximetry, somatic oximetry or both simultaneously. Intended for adult, pediatric, infant and neonatal patients in any clinical setting such as cardiac, vascular and general surgery, intensive care unit, and interventional cardiac catheterization lab where the brain and body are at risk of reduced-flow or no-flow ischemic states.

Cerebral / Somatic Oximetry Adult Sensors

Disposable transducers capable of producing and detecting optical data from the patient, converting the data to electrical signals and sending the signals to the INVOS™ 5100C cerebral / somatic oximeter where they are displayed as a regional oxygen saturation value called rSO2.

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