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Surgical Instruments

Instruments for gynaecology

As an experienced and traditional manufacturer of high-quality instruments, Medicon has acquired a special reputation in the area of gynaecology. This refers to the exact, high-quality processing of products and to product ranges and specialist instruments.

  • Diagnostic instruments
  • Instruments for minimally invasive surgery (MIS)
  • Micro instruments
  • Special instruments to facilitate routine procedures

1. Diagnosis:
The product range comprises well-known standard instruments such as specula, dilators, biopsy forceps to aid diagnosis.
This range is supplemented by special instruments which can substantially facilitate routine procedures for the confirmation of findings that are cytologically unclear (see Chapter on Special Instruments).

2. Minimally Invasive Surgery:
With the practice-related development of MIS in the early nineties, these surgical techniques were also introduced into gynaecology. The spectrum of MIS instruments developed by Medicon also covers the area of gynaecology.  The most widely used instruments in this area include Metzenbaum and hook scissors, various grasping forceps, special tube-grasping forceps and needle holders.

Our full catalogue for minimally invasive surgery contains the complete product range.

3. Micro surgery:
A series of gynaecological procedures requires special instruments for microsurgical procedures.  These include, for instance, tube operations for sterilisation or to restore fertility.  Medicon offers particularly slender, compact instruments for microsurgery.

The Micro 2000 series is particularly impressive in terms of functionality and design.  The use of alternative materials, e.g. aluminium, has led to the production of instruments which, on the one hand, have an ergonomically pleasing handle area and, on the other hand, are lighter in terms of weight.

Given the various working lengths of the models (15 cm and 18 cm), the instrument fits snugly in the hand and, thanks to the various designs, can be used for a number of purposes:

  • Scissors (various cuts for the exact separation of tissue)
  • Needle holders
  • Forceps
  • Clips

All available models are described in our Micro- and Neurosurgery catalogue.

4. Special instruments for routine procedures:
IUD - probe grasping forceps according to Seyffarth

In addition to the contraceptive pill, IUDs are the second most common form of contraception.  IUDs should ideally be removed after 2-5 years as they start to lose their efficacy.

For numerous reasons, problems may occur during extraction.  These can be caused by the breaking, lengthening or shortening of the extension thread. In these cases, IUD probe grasping forceps can be used for an uncomplicated procedure performed in the out-patients’ department without the need for anaesthesia.

Curettage is superfluous.

Open the instrument to reveal a set of jaws at the tip for the straightforward grasping of the IUD.

Conisation forceps according to Seyffarth:
Knife conisation is one of the most frequently performed gynaecological procedures for the confirmation of unclear cytological findings.

The conisation probe is used in order to carry out the conisation process without the standard holding instruments (grasping forceps) and thus to minimise or avoid the well-known problems (damage to the cervix uteri and the conus).
The instrument is similar in shape to the uterine probe according to Sims.  The head of the probe comprises two shanks, approximately 25 mm long, which can be opened via a screw mechanism on the handle.

The opening angle of 90° can be maintained without stopping during the procedure.  The shanks can be spread in the Cavum uteri during surgery to fix and mobilise the uterus. The instrument considerably facilitates the procedure in elderly women whose uterus is difficult to grasp due to the elevation of the vaginal fornix and whose internal uterine orifice is inadequate.  The conisation knife according to Ayre is recommended to complete the surgical kit.


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