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Bilitron 3006

  • First phototherapy equipment with reduced dimensions
  • High level of radiation in the middle and edges of the focused area
  • Low power consumption
  • Phototherapy based on the high technology of blue spectrum as radiation source
  • An engineering plastic box with alphanumeric display with Back Light
  • Membrane keyboard and microprocessor system to control several functions
  • Radiation intensity control as required by clinical needs
  • Date display
  • Display exhibiting the total hours of the bulb use
  • Display exhibiting the total hours of treatment
  • Memory system for radiation, manually or automatically measured (each hour) enabling report issuance
  • RS 232 port to printer or computer
  • Easy access to the source module to replace the module and to clean the vent
  • Can be operated with double phototherapy-associated system
  • A radiometer equipped with optical probe can be fitted in (optional)
  • Castor stands (optional)
  • Optional items to fix movable stand, adapter to warmed cradle or support heads above incubators.
Bilitron Bed 4006

  • Microprocessed phototherapy with advanced technology of irradiation source at the blue spectrum range
  • Available in table (homecare) or mobile versions
  • The light emitted by Super LED’s does not have infrared or ultraviolet rays
  • It has a reflective hoop that returns the exceeding rays to the patient, increasing the treatment efficiency
  • Excellent visualization of the patient
  • Highly transparent and soft mattress, with groove for comfortable and safe patient positioning
  • It has an alphanumeric display with backlight, membrane keypad and microprocessed control for different functions
  • It incorporates a patient skin temperature sensor as an option
  • Optional optical sensor (radiometer)
Bilitron Sky 5006

  • Neonatal jaundice/icterus treatment
  • Bed with 15 blue-light radiance super LED with reflector
  • Larger radiance for babies over 2.5 kg (5.5 pounds)
  • Optional - with a suction cup - to fix on the incubator hood - or with pedestal
  • Does not emit ultraviolet and infra-red rays
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