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Specialty Airways Products

Specialty Endotracheal Airways

Mallinckrodt™ specialty endotracheal tubes from Covidien help meet the needs of a wide range of patients and procedures. The tubes help secure and maintain patent airways, overcoming challenging patient anatomies and difficult airway management situations.

TaperGuard™ Evac Oral Tracheal Tube

Excellent protection against microaspiration and ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP).1

1. Smulders K, can der Hoeven H, Weers-Pothoff I, Vandenbroucke-Grauls, C. A randomized clinical trial of intermittent subglottic secretion drainage in patients receiving mechanical ventilation. Chest. 2002; 121: 858-862.

Mallinckrodt™ Nasal RAE Tracheal Tube Cuffed Murphy Eye and Mallinckrodt™ Nasal RAE Tracheal Tube Cuffless Murphy Eye

Unique design helps protect against kinks and disconnects.

Mallinckrodt™ Oral RAE Tracheal Tube Cuffed and Cuffless Murphy Eye

Preformed curve removes circuit from surgical field but curve can be temporarily straightened to allow easy passage of suction catheters

Mallinckrodt™ Endobronchial Tube Left/Right

Complete ready-to-use system, including anesthesia bag to aid opening alveoli.

Mallinckrodt™ Oral/Nasal Tracheal Tube Cuffed Reinforced, Murphy Eye and Mallinckrodt™ Tracheal Tube Cuffless Reinforced

For neurosurgical or head and neck procedures when patient's head is in an extended or flexed position, when patient will be turned over and/or in long-term cases where airway maintenance is critical.

Mallinckrodt™ Laser Oral Tracheal Tube Dual Cuffed Murphy Eye and Mallinckrodt™ Laser Oral Tracheal Tube Cuffless

Stainless steel, airtight body is flexible and offers a smooth surface with a Magill curve to minimize trauma during intubation. The tube body is proven resistant to CO2 and KTP lasers. The reflected laser beams are defocused, reducing damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

Mallinckrodt™ Endotrol Oral/Nasal Tracheal Tube Cuffed Murphy Eye

Directional distal tip control for fast, easy intubation in emergency situations when the intubating pathway is abnormal.

Mallinckrodt™ Oral/Nasal Tracheal Tube Cuffless Monitoring Lumen

Monitoring lumen is used for sampling of tracheal gases especially end-tidal CO2, monitoring airway pressure, introducing medication and anesthetizing the trachea.

Mallinckrodt™ Microlaryngeal Oral/Nasal Tracheal Tube Cuffed Murphy Eye

Standard I.D. and O.D. on a longer length tube provide greater access to surgical field in microlaryngeal surgery.

Mallinckrodt™ Hi−Lo Oral/ Nasal Tracheal Tube Lanz System

Automatically maintains a low intra-cuff pressure during long-term intubations.

Mallinckrodt™ Oral/Nasal EMT Tracheal Tube Cuffed Murphy Eye

Design allows quick delivery of medicant without disconnecting tracheal tube from breathing bag or interrupting CPR.

Mallinckrodt™ Oral/Nasal Tracheal Tube Seal Guard, Murphy Eye

Reduces microaspiration by at least 95% compared to the Mallinckrodt™ Hi-Lo tracheal tube, barrel-shaped, PVC cuff1,2.

Mallinckrodt™ Evac Oral Tracheal Tube Seal Guard, Murphy Eye

For intubation of the trachea, and for evacuation or drainage of the subglottic space.

Mallinckrodt™ Esophageal Tracheal Airway Double Lumen

Establishes a nonsurgical patent airway when placed into either the trachea or the esophagus.

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