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Video Laryngoscope

The low cost McGRATH® MAC raises the global standard of care. Combining video and direct visualization the McGRATH® MAC supports routine to more difficult intubations and reduces the use of multiple devices. The McGRATH® MAC is designed to improve Grade of view, invests in existing skills and avoids complicating more simple intubations.

Anterior Motive
Improve your view

The McGRATH® MAC’s anterior camera angle is designed to improve grade of view, provide better confirmation of tube placement, and bring an end to tunnel vision experienced with direct view only laryngoscopes. All this with no change in technique. A major advantage for even the most straightforward intubations.

For more difficult cases the anterior image can reduce the possibility of blind tube insertion and obtain otherwise difficult views with little force.


Clear Tube Path
Less Curve, Less Style

The familiar curvature of the McGRATH® MAC blade enables gentle lifting of the anatomy to clear an optimum tube path unlike many video laryngoscopes blades with a more pronounced curvature. Requiring no additional training the familiar shaped blade is designed to obtain the most direct route for the quickest and least complicated tube placement..

Dental Friendly
11.9mm Slim-Line Blade

The new McGRATH® slim-line blade removes blade width at the mouth area, giving you greater ability to maneuver the device without pressing on the teeth. This can be a benefit in all cases but particularly in small mouth openings, nasal intubations and preoperative assessments.

The McGRATH® blade is made from a robust optical polymer and supported by an internal reinforced CameraStick™ giving ‘steel-like’ rigidity.

Blindspot Reduction
Enhanced Tube Confirmation

Vertically aligned optics and screen format enables early tube visualization to expedite intubation and address tube trauma. The 2.5” screen allows shared viewers a clear and improved anatomical view.

Reinforced, Robust, Reliable
Steel-cored Ally Chassis

The McGRATH® MAC is made to with stand tough clinical environments. Re-inforced with a steel-cored alloy chassis, it has been tested to twice industry standards to give you complete reassurance.

Compact & ''Switch-on-and-go-Technology'
No Strings Attached

Cable free design means the McGRATH® MAC can go  anywhere with you or the patient reducing valuable set-up  time. On board display keeps attention on the patient.

Easy to Clean
Fully Immersible

Infection control is achieved with sterile packaged blades  and fully immersible handle for High Level Disinfection.

Long Life Battery
Always ready for use

Using a long lasting power source means you have a device  that’s always ready to use. The accurate minute-by-minute on  screen battery charge indicator provides peace of mind.

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